Bespoke product design

Safety compliance continually changes over time.

Get new and innovative safety products that meet your individual standards and requirements. We achieve better worker protection and comfort with bespoke product design. Together we can improve your team’s safety and reduce your business’ costs. If existing product offerings aren't for you, talk to us.

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About us

Armour Safety

Armour Safety is a leading wholesaler of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and high quality safety products in 10 major categories.

Our focus is delivering high quality safety equipment at exceptional value.

As a wholesaler, we represent the best of international and local safety brands. We source products from manufacturers worldwide and distribute to resellers and distributors throughout New Zealand & Australia.

Our unique advantage is our innovation process designing novel safety products for end users. Our design and manufacturing service creates safety gear to meet specific requirements. Useful when existing products fail to meet your needs.

Being locally owned allows us to source price-competitive products and provide a personal service that is second to none.

Our vision

Excellence in service, quality, value and product innovation is important to us. We take pride in our products and our service. If you have a problem, we will do everything in our power to fix it. We care and the Armour Safety team are committed to doing our best.


We love providing amazing sales support as we take pride in everything we do. We respond to customer enquiries quickly and our goal is to lead the industry in customer service. The Armour Safety team goes out of our way to find you the product solutions you need. Whether locally or internationally. Commercial customers are offered free samples so that you can experience each product's performance before committing.

Quality & Value

In an industry where you are ‘spoiled for choice’ in safety equipment, some customers choose products based on price rather than quality. Discerning customers know the purchase price doesn’t take into account cycle rates or the cost of replacements over time. Price is not always the best way to select safety gear. Armour Safety sources the best grades of raw materials to ensure our products last longer while still remaining cost competitive. We focus on improving value for your PPE spend and help you to reduce the total cost over time by supplying better, not cheaper, safety gear.


We love to innovate and design new products — that’s our unique point of difference. Designing solutions and products to meet our customers’ requirements gives us great satisfaction. Our access to many international PPE manufacturers and factories allows us to create new and improved products upon request. We listen, we are flexible, and we love innovation! Ask us about our innovation track record.


Not only do we strive to ensure orders are accurate and delivered on time, but we also aim to provide precise information. As a wholesaler, many of our customers look to us for guidance and safety product solutions, so everything we advise must be certain. We acknowledge this and offer the best in what we do — every day.


In the safety industry, there are significant expectations from distributors and end users for wholesalers to source products that meet current New Zealand standards and regulations. All Armour Safety products meet stringent safety compliance requirements — that's what is expected. Our job is to ensure your workers are protected in the many environments that they operate.