Armour Safety Innovation Process

Two people looking at the Innovate Wheel

As safety compliance and demands continually change, so too does the need for new and innovative safety products that meet individual customer requirements and standards. At Armour Safety, we have developed a process that allows you to design products in collaboration with us to achieve better worker protection and comfort. If existing product offerings aren't sustainable, talk to us, so we can improve your team’s safety and reduce your business’ costs.

Icon for Listen

Listen: We listen to your needs and product requirements

Icon for Innovate

Innovate: We discuss new designs and product technologies to improve product performance

Icon for Design

Design: We propose a product design that meets your requirements

Icon for Trial

Trial: We produce samples for you to test

Icon for Approve

Approve: We seek your approval of samples or rework them and issue new samples

Icon for Produce

Produce: We schedule your product for manufacture

Icon for Supply

Supply: We source and manage your product in conjunction with your reseller

Icon for Review

Review: We review the product's performance in the real world and make amendments where necessary.

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