Armour Safety Products Ltd. - Armour Splashproof Coveralls White - 60gsm
Protective Clothing

Armour Splashproof Coveralls White - 60gsm


EN 14605
EN ISO 13982-1
EN 13034


  • Size: M - 3XL & 5XL
  • Unit: Each
  • Carton Qty: 20
  • Colour: White

Product Details


These disposable coveralls are made from a strong non-woven fabric coated with a breathable water resistant PE film to protect from non-toxic splashes, spays and micro particles and approved to Category 3 (Type 4, 5 & 6 protection). Can be used when working with bleaches, oil, hydraulic fluids, sodium hydroxide and asbestos. These coveralls have a zipped front, elasticised hood and cuffs, and elasticised and zipped ankles. Does a great job of either keeping clothing clean and dry in dusty/dirty environments or where there is a splash risk, or stopping contamination of products from dirt that may be carried on clothing. Light weight and breathable. Made to be worn for extended periods - breathable. Similar to the Dupont Tyvek or Sureshield coverall. Ideal for chemical spraying or painting. If there is no liquid involved and just dirt or grime you can use the basic coverall. .