Armour Safety Products Ltd. - Tool and Surface Sanitiser 500ml

Tool and Surface Sanitiser 500ml

Code: TSS500ML


  • Unit: Each
  • Carton Qty: 20

Product Details


Tool and Surface Sanitiser provides rapid, long lasting disinfection and biological cleanliness for tools and surfaces. A Tool Disinfectant & Surface Cleaner All-In-One. Perfect for workplace tool handles and touch screen cleaning.

Available in 500ml spray, 5 litre carry bottle and 200 litre tapped drum. This product is 500 ml spray.

Features and Benefits

  • Clean tools and equipment 
  • All in one protection
  • Kills germs
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Air Dries In Seconds - no need to rinse
  • Alcohol, Chlorine, Triclosan and Fragrance Free 
  • Provides residual protection 
  • Non-flammable

Safe To Use
- Safe for use in the vicinity of vulnerable people & children
- Safe for challenging environments and sensitive equipment


When used as directed the high performance antimicrobial formulation coats the surface with a monomolecular layer that continues providing protection long after the initial application.

Classed as a low irritant regular use ensures sustained broad spectrum pathogen protection with no effects on your skin.

Simply apply to the surface you wish to disinfect and leave to dry.


The active ingredient Alkydimethyammonium Chloride, attacks protein and lipid structures, thwarting the pathogen’s typical mode of infection.

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