Bespoke product design

Safety compliance continually changes over time.

Get new and innovative safety products that meet your individual standards and requirements. We achieve better worker protection and comfort with bespoke product design. Together we can improve your team’s safety and reduce your business’ costs. If existing product offerings aren't for you, talk to us.

2022 Armour Safety Catalogue

Download our free printable catalogue for our entire 2022 range of equipment; so you can order with ease.

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Armour Safety is proud to represent the best of international and New Zealand safety brands.

Our reputation as a wholesaler of high quality and value products depends on this wide range of safety products. Can we represent your brand too?

Our house brand, Armour, was developed in response to customer needs which were not being met. We followed this up with the Blade range of cut resistant hand and arm protection and Ice King freezer wear.